True North Networker's Member Resources

Are you a new member of our N. Olmsted networking group? Below is a list of resources that are available to you once your membership has been processed. Schedule a one-to-one with the Chapter Resources Mentor to make sure you're comfortable with how you can utilize these resources to maximize your membership and grow your business.

1. BNI Connect On Your Desktop Once you are accepted into the chapter and your membership is processed by BNI Regional Headquarters, an email will be sent to the email address provided on your application. This email contains a link to set-up your username and password. BNI Connect is where we track all activity, referrals given, referrals recieved, one-to-ones, CEUs and more. The desktop version has more resources and tracks details of all the referrals you have recieved since your membership began. 

2. BNI Connect App for Apple Devices and BNI Connect on Google Play  Download BNI Connect App to have real-time notifications of referrals from your fellow members as well as to track all your activity. Make sure your contact information and business links are all correct. This is how BNI members across the globe can find you and get in touch.

3. Training Follow this link to register for various regional events including webinars, Member Success Program (MSP)and Leadership Team Training. New members are required to attend MSP before giving their first 10 Minute Feature Presentation at our chapter meeting, so register as soon as possible and get on speaker rotation so we can learn more about how to generate quality referrals to help you grow your business.

4. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) There are many ways to acquire your CEUs.

BNI University is by far the most comprehensive and robust platform for all your CEUs and you are encouraged to login and take advantage as soon as you get an email from BNI Global ( with a prompt to register. After you have gotten accustomed to the platform on your desktop, can find BNI University on your mobile device's app store to take CEUs with you everywhere. 

The Official BNI Podcast  although these podcasts can be found on BNI University, if it's easier for you to just go to the podcasts count 1 hour of listening (usually 5 podcasts) as 1 CEU.

Power of One Podcast these podcasts are also found on BNI University as well as easily accessible here.

Ivan Misner Books the founder of BNI Ivan Misner, has written many books about how to use business networking to grow your business, how to use business relationships effectively and how to become a master of networking. If you enjoy reading self improvement, business strategy books or listening to audio versions, make sure to give yourself credit in the BNI Connect app for CEUs.

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