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Robert Arnold

Phone 330-242-4351
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Robert Arnold
ONward Networking
P.O. Box 426
Medina, OH 44258

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Robert Arnold

ONward Networking


My BusinessI'm the Power 1-2-1 Guy! My purpose in this world, is to help networkers find ‘Your Networking Voice’ and I work diligently at identifying the environments where a networker can be effective & has a stage for their message. By blending networking into my Architectural practice; my unique "YOUR SynergyPAD" process finds ways of implementing networking principals into a facility design which maximizes productivity and profit. Author of a networking book titled: The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil; The Natural, No-Anxiety Way to Spot Results-Oriented Networking Partners—Fast! (yes, it is available on Amazon) Having developed a reputation as a ‘Results-Oriented Networking Mentor;’ I’ve designed a 3-day ‘Networking Extravaganza’ where the development & use of effective contacts is taught and implemented through a combination of unique training, discussions, exercises, and real-world experiences that take the anxiety out of networking and puts the fun & effectiveness back in.

Ideal Referralis a Company that understands that it's space can be a major "profit-center" for their Company. They may be frustrated with their space, crowded in their space, looking to move or renovate or upgrade, seeing their lease is up in the near future, or planning on building a new building of their own - they are "Ideal" referrals.

Top Productis "YOUR SynergyPAD". A note pad with 30 questions that are designed to put you in touch with how the space around you interacts with your current activity - work, recreation, games, production, etc.

Top Problem Solvedwas to provide a "Community enhancing" site design and facility design for a Handicapped population that provided the ability for them to live "Independently" in society and have productive lives. The resulting design took what usually was an institutional problem and so integrated it into the local area that most people don't realize it is a community of special needs persons. In fact, many stop in to see if they can buy one of the units when it becomes available for sale.

My Favorite BNI Storyis not about me, but about how I was able to connect up another BNI member with a client that has been a continual producer for her ever since. I had arranged a meeting of 4 BNI members who had a great potential of referring back and forth & Karin, a Title Agent was one of those. Another attendee was a Branch Manager at a local bank, who ended up not being able to attend, but called to see if I would be ok with her sending someone else from the bank. When I heard who it was, I said "Absolutely!", for I knew he could possibly be a great connection for Karin. Karin did not know he would be there and called me 5 minutes before the meeting and said she was running late and was just going to go into her office and skip the meeting. I encouraged her to come anyway, even though she would be late. She took my advice and did attend. The connection was made between her and this man and has literally turned into millions of dollars of closed business for her over the last 3 years. You just never know what is sitting at the table with you until you open your eyes and "see" - in this case all it took was for her to "attend".

My Ideal Referral Partneris the business that literally gets into other businesses space to work on a piece of equipment, repair things, upgrade things, etc.; because they can physically see the condition of the office and hear the complaints of management and the employees about how the space functions.